Saturday, July 06, 2013

Cason's Schedule at 18 Months

Wow, so the last time I posted Cason's schedule (at one year) he was still nursing and still taking two naps a day. It's wild how fast things change!

Somewhere around 14 months Cason had a week where he napped in the morning but then refused to nap in the afternoon. Well, being pregnant with two kiddos I need my children to nap AT THE SAME TIME! So, I transitioned Cason to taking one nap a day in the afternoon with Cannon. This was probably a few months earlier than he was ready for, as he would still fall asleep in the car on our way to morning play dates, but I was determined to have children that nap together.

We have JUST transitioned Cason to a big boy bed in the same room as Cannon. He was in the same room, just in the crib. He has trouble staying in bed at nap time, but so far has done GREAT at night.

Another thing to note: Cason always wakes up crying. It doesn't matter if it's nap time or in the morning. And he often doesn't want me to pick him up right away. He's our slow waker upper.

8:00 am - Wake up
8:30 am - Breakfast
9:00 am - Play group, walk at the park, library story hour, errands, or destroy the house
12:30 pm - Lunch
1:30 pm - Nap
3:30/4:00 pm - Wake up
6:00 pm - Dinner
7:30 pm - Bath & Bed time

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