Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baby Belly #3 - Week 30

This is the no make-up, let's get this photo over with, picture. 

We received the most gorgeous, itty bitty dress in the mail, handmade by my childhood best friend, Lindsey. If we have a girl it will be the first thing she'll wear. It's adorable and almost made me want to cry at the thought that we might have a boy and I might not get to use it. It's probably the most well-made article of clothing any of my children have ever owned. Lindsey does custom orders, so if you ever need anything sewn for any kind of clothing or gift, she's your gal. You can check her out at Lindsey T Custom Quilts & Sewing.

So, after receiving that adorable little dress in the mail, I'm really thinking this baby is a girl. We've been trying out our favorite girl names all week on my belly. 

Towards the end of the week we had our 30 week check up at the birthing center. I'm measuring 32 weeks, which is in the normal range and only gained a pound in two weeks, so the midwife was happy with where I'm at. After measuring so large on our last visit though, I wanted a sonogram just for my peace of mind. I went in on Friday and got to see Baby Stiller. Everything looks fabulous, although he/she is measuring a good two weeks ahead, including that precious little head. Oy. 

After seeing sonogram (pictures of which are coming) I'm now convinced it's a boy. The little nose/chin /pouty lips look just like Cason. 

We were initially told that the birth center was going to bump my due date UP so that if I went into labor early I could still deliver there (you can only deliver at the birth center after 37 weeks). But then a phone call on Monday confirmed that my due date would stay the same, I was just to avoid sugars and carbs to curtail the growth of this not-so-small baby. So veggies and meat for me and baby for another 10 weeks because goodness knows I'm terrified of delivering a 10 lb baby.

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