Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dinosaur Brothers

This is what it looks like when big brother take it upon himself to try and help dress little brother. He finds a too-small onesie and gets it on inside out, upside down and toga-style. As a mom who has to dress two wriggly children EVERY. SINGLE. DAY though, I appreciate the effort. 
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Cannon asks to wear his red dinosaur shirt every morning. If I'm forcing him to change out pjs, which he would wear 24/7 if he could, then he wants his red dinosaur shirt. Sadly, it does get dirty at which point he's forced to pick between two, not-nearly-as-good t-shirts (in his opinion). He will ask at nap time if we can't change into his pjs again. When I negate that, he asks if he can change into his red dinosaur shirt. Fortunately for my sanity it's usually in the dryer.

And can I just say that the sequence of photos below is very "typical Cason." He starts off look so calm and within seconds has increased the volume and intensity 90-to-nothing.

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