Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby Names - Round 3

And then there were five . . .

Calvin Liam
Colt Shepherd

Cora Delani
Piper Shalom
Marlow Gracen

People always ask me where we get our baby names from. So here you go . . .

Cannon and Cason were literally stumbled upon in baby name books.

Now that we have two boys with two "C" names, Baby #3 HAS to have a "C" name if he's a boy. I want him to feel included, an integral part of this family. Danny's not quite as hung up on the "C" trend as I am, but I just don't want a third boy to feel left out.

If Baby #3 is a girl, I'm definitely not stuck on a "C" name. Cora has simply been on our baby girls names list since before Cannon was born, so it only seemed fitting that it's still one of our favorites four years later.

So, here's a little explanation for you:

Calvin - First off, we just like the name. I like that it shortens to Cal. I think that's adorable. Danny likes that it's after great theologians like John Calvin.

Liam - This would be a shortened version of my Dad's name: William

Colt - Again, we just like this name. NOT Colton. For some odd reason we don't like Colton, but Colt is short and spunky. Danny thinks it would be a great fit with the artillery theme we've indadvertedly started.

Shepherd - I've liked this name since we were picking out Cannon's name, but always thought Shepherd Stiller had too many "Ss." We like that it alludes to our Father being the Good Shepherd.

Cora - Yes another "C" name we both love. Plus it's Danny's great, great, great grandmother's name, so there's some family history there.

Delani - I have loved the name Delani since high school when Lindsey and I would dream of baby name lists together. It's a major plus that it has all the letters in Danny's name (Daniel) just mixed up.

Piper - Another name I have liked for forever. I'm finally getting over my aversion to having two names that end in "-er" because I love this name for a little girl.

Shalom - It means "peace." And who doesn't hope that a third child in three years won't bring a little peace along with them? ;-)

Marlow - Again, I don't know where I come up with these awesome names. **wink, wink** I think I read a blog once where the little girl was named Marlowe and I loved it! Danny doesn't like the extra "e" on the end, so there you have it.

Gracen - Danny is dying to name a little girl "Grace." While I, of course, love grace, it's too popular for my taste. Gracen is my version of Grace that I love. Same meaning, slight twist.

So there you have it. More than you ever wanted to know about what goes in to naming a Stiller Baby. 

Stay tuned to mid-October for the final verdict!

And I'll including the same disclaimer we've used with each of our previous baby name lists:
**DISCLAIMER: Obviously we like these names. SOOOOO, we are only accepting positive comments in regards to our choices. Thanks! :-)**

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