Saturday, August 31, 2013

Maternity Photos by 2 By 2 Photography

I love being pregnant just a little bit because I finally get in front of the camera more than once a year. When it comes to maternity/birth/newborn photos for my family I hire someone every time. Yes, I know, I'm a photographer. I could probably do newborn photos myself or set up a tripod and and attempt maternity photos, but this is my chance to let someone else do the work, the composing, the camera settings, and the directing and let me feel pretty as we capture the moment. 

For Baby #3's bump photos, my sweet friend Jenny (you might remember her from here) of 2 By 2 Photography worked her magic on a hot August night. She was nine months pregnant herself, due only three weeks before me and her sweet baby Lylah has already made her grand entrance.

Now we just wait for our baby to arrive . . . with patience and kisses from Cason. 

Thank you Jenny for the timeless memories. And thank you Keri for the fun, borrowed dress - it was perfect!

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