Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cason's Bubble Bath

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There are things that the second child misses out on because the first child doesn't like them. 

Take condiments for instance. Cannon hates all condiments. He doesn't want mayo on any sandwich, he won't eat jelly on a pb&j (he must have honey), and he refuses to dip anything in ketchup. So, naturally, I never even thought to offer Cason condiments. 

Rewind to a few weeks ago when we were eating at Chick-fil-a and Cason noticed me dipping my chicken nuggets in Polynesian Sauce. He asked for some and I gave him a taste. It was like Christmas morning for the boy. He liked "dipping" so much that I had to remind him to take bites. He would just dip the same chicken nugget into the sauce, licking the sauce off over and over again. Same with french fries. He has since discovered honey, ketchup and Chick-fil-a sauce and his meals will never the same.

The other example is bubble baths. Cannon hates bubble baths. They paralyze him. He refuses to move a muscle until I've bathed him and wrapped him in a nice, fluffy towel far away from any white foam. Well, the boys take all their baths together, so poor Cason has never been introduced to bubble baths. One random afternoon Cason had the privilege of a private bath. He asked for bubbles. I think he was asking for the kind you blow through a bubble wand, but I decided to try something different. We didn't have any Mr. Bubble on hand, so I just dumped some baby wash under the faucet and let it bubble up. Cason was enthralled. They stuck to his hand, he could blow them, and he could fill cups with them. He loved it.

And now I'm on a mission to figure out all the things I've "assumed" he won't like simply because Cannon didn't like them. 

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