Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Little Mower and the Big Brother Cowboy

I've got a little story for you Ags . . .

There once was a little boy who LOVED to mow. He'd push his lawn mower up and down the side walk, across the grass and back and forth around the the driveway. He carefully filled it with gas and pulled the cord to start the engine. He was a good little mower.
In the same front yard, there was a big brother who masqueraded as a cowboy. He liked to huff and puff and boss his little brother around.
One day, the big brother cowboy decided he wanted to mow and with no warning at all he swept in and stole the little green mower from his little brother. There were many tears and fierce cries of protest, but the little brother was powerless against the big brother's speed and agility.
There was hope for little brother though because Mama was near and she had been known to fight for all things fair and equal. And she was against little toy snatchers who paraded around as cowboys.
Mama quickly found big brother cowboy tuning up the lawn mower for a little grass cutting. And despite his sly looks and wily arguments, she made him return the mower to little brother.
Little brother waited patiently for big brother to return the stolen mower and all was right in the front yard once again. 

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