Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Family This Month (September 2013)

September was my last big push to get things done before Baby #3 arrived.

Photography was crazy and oh so fun. I had 2-4 photoshoots every weekend. That's more than I usually like to do in a weekend, but it was the last minute cram to get everyone's holiday photo taken before I went on maternity leave.

Other than photography, I filled the afternoon nap times with checking things of the Baby #3 Bucket List. I always get industrious the last few weeks of my pregnancies and this time was no different. I was on a mission to get things done so I could enjoy my newborn once he/she arrived. I am much better at resting and relaxing when my to-do list isn't a mile long.

The boys and I joined Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs) and Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) this month. I anticipate that we'll only get to go a few times before Baby #3 arrives and we'll need to take a little break, but I'm looking forward to fellowship with other Christian mamas in the Allen/McKinney area.

And that was our busy September. Here's looking forward to a quiet October waiting for Baby!

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