Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby #3 Bucket List UPDATE

In honor of making it full term (37 weeks) on Sunday, I thought I'd do an update on the Baby #3 Bucket List.

I have to say, of all the to-do lists I've made in preparation for each of my children, I feel like I have accomplished the most off of this one. If you really paid attention you'll also notice that this list is longer than the original. I kept adding things as we went just to keep my brain functioning.

I'm giving myself THIS WEEK to wrap up:

  • photography business
  • pack all the bags for labor/delivery
  • order Cason's maternity/birth/newborn photo book
  • finish scanning in a pile of documents/photos I want to get rid of
  • order any last Christmas presents. 
And then, after Saturday, it's time to just wait for baby and enjoy my boys.

The major things we GOT done:

Baby purchases (these are things I'm letting myself buy special because we're being surprised by the gender):
  • two yards girly fabric and two yards boyish fabric for the first few weekly photos. 
  • one pink & one blue newborn "going home" outfit
  • buy a few Etsy headbands for newborn photos (just in case)
Turn the office into the nursery:
  • Clean out cabinets and closet in office.
  • Find a small desk/armoire for computer that fits in our master bedroom.
  • Dismantle desk and cabinets in office. 
  • Steam clean carpet
  • Organize closet
  • Patch holes in walls
  • Move in nursery furniture
  • Hang new hooks
  • Touch up paint on crib railings
  • Fix gray dresser drawer (top left)
  • Purchase ipod dock or sound machine
  • Purchase new pack n' play mattress
Prep the boys' room:
  • Buy new dresser (I like the six or eight drawer Hemnes from Ikea, but it's $300)
  • Steam clean carpet
  • Put together Cason's big boy bed
  • Move Cason's name
  • Buy mattress pad, sheets & comforter for Cason's big boy bed
  • Purchase ipod dock or sound machine
  • Purchase shelf for ipod dock & clock
  • Organize closet
  • Organize clothes & do all Fall shopping
  • Buy Halloween costumes (I think we decided on costumes that we have all the pieces for . . . so no need to purchase anything!)
Prep Labor & Delivery Bag:
  • Buy lavender essential oil (along w/ Warrior essential oil)
Personal Projects:
  • Buy/make Christmas presents (I've bought about 25% of our gifts and planned the rest.)
  • Order Cason's maternity/birth/newborn photo book
  • Finish Cason's quilt top (Not only did I finish the quilt top - I finished the entire quilt. He's currently snuggled up in it (or on top of it) in his bed and a blog post is coming shortly!)
The big to-dos made it onto our calendar:

July/August To-Do List:
  • 7/20 - clean out office closet
  • 8/3 - build or buy a desk, dismantle old desk and cabinets
  • 8/10 - put together Cason's big boy bed
  • 8/31 - set up all nursery furniture
September To-Do List
  • Get maternity/family photos taken
  • Freeze meals
  • Coordinate freezer swap while I'm out for a month or two
  • Finish Christmas gift shopping/making
  • Wash newborn clothes
  • Put together bags for birth center and for the boys overnight
    • Buy Depends
    • Buy Tucks Pads
    • Update iPod with playlist
  • Set up infant carrier in Jeep
And our list of prioritized purchases/expenses looks something like this:
  1. Birth photographer
  2. Amoire/desk
  3. Boys dresser
  4. Van maintenence (oil change, timing belt, transmission fluid & sparks plugs)
  5. Bedding for Cason's big boy bed
  6. Pack n play mattress
  7. iPod docks (2)
  8. Lavender essential oil
  9. Four yards fabric
  10. Newborn onesies
  11. Etsy headbands
  12. Christmas presents
  13. Cason's photo book

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