Monday, October 07, 2013

Waking Up Cason

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Sweet Cason Boy - 
I cherish your nap time. For obvious reasons, like "Mama needs a break," or "Let the chaos cease for two minutes, please!" But I also cherish nap times because it reminds me that you're little. It freezes time for a little bit every afternoon. 

One day the world won't stop for your naps any more. You'll want to be busy all day long and it will probably wear me out to no end. One day you won't sleep in your crib, you'll be in the big boy bed for naps and night time. And one day you won't even sleep under our roof. You'll be big and strong and grown and conquering life on your own. 

I'll look back on these days of long afternoon naps and remember how small you were, how cuddly you were, and how you fit in my lap to rock. And I'll be happy and sad all at the same time. Because somehow that's how motherhood works. You rejoice that your children are growing and it's so exciting to enter a new stage, and yet you mourn what you're leaving behind. As the weeks, months and years speed up you realize that the days are fleeting and that the napping children in all the bedrooms are only there for a minute. And so, I'll take more pictures of you sleeping and waking, and of course I'll sing "Jesus Loves Me" with you in my arms a million more times. I'm so glad you asked for "mer."

Happily your mama!

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