Sunday, October 06, 2013

{Becoming Mother II} - Introduction

Our first hours as parents, smothering snuggling a newborn Cannon.

We are mere weeks (if not days) from meeting Baby Stiller #3 and I am beyond ready to know if he/she is a boy or girl. Cannon is convinced it's a girl and tells everyone from the librarian to the grocery store clerk that he's going to have a sister named Marlow. And then Cason chimes in by shouting "LoLo!" It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. And, while that's not the "decided" name, it's definitely the front runner. (We try to talk about Colt/Calvin too just to prepare them that it might be another brother in there.)

So, in anticipation of a third Stiller childbirth, we're having a second {Becoming Mother} birth series here on the blog. You are in for a treat. They are poignant, beautiful, strong and fabulous. Not one is similar to another. You'll love each of them. If you're expecting they will encourage you that no matter how your birth plays out, you are strong and you will make it! If you are a mother, they will remind you of that day when you're life changed forever and your heart birthed into a million pieces.

Our series will start tomorrow morning, but if you'd like something to read in the mean time, you can read back through the first {Becoming Mother} series:

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Until then, I'm off for a walk and another glass of Sherry's Last Six Week Tea!
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Getting to know newborn Cason.

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