Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Cason at 22 Months

Weight: ~30 lbs
Height: ~34 inches

Clothes: 18-24 months shorts & shirts
PJs: 24 month & 2T pajamas
Shoes: Size 7 & 7.5

11-12 hours at night (in his big boy bed)
2-3 hours at nap time (in his crib)

Cason is still a great eater and will most anything. 

You can have a full conversation with Cason. His side is just one word responses/statements, but he understands fully what you're saying and can communicate what he wants just fine.

He's also starting to put two words together to make a sentence: "Hi Nana!" "Mama eat."

18 teeth! The bottom two, two-year molars are coming through.

Cason LOVES LOVES LOVES holding Colt. The moment Cason wakes up, he runs around the house to find "Baby?!" The minute Colt makes a peep Cason starts yelling "CRY!" to make sure I know that Colt is crying. 

No new dislikes this month.

Cason was in good health this month.

Cason became a BIG BROTHER this month when Colt was born on October 22!

Ever wonder what Cason's tonsils look like? Well, here's a view:
And here's Cason blowing you a kiss.

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