Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Colt's First Cloth Diaper Experience

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Isn't Colt adorable in that Woombie. Stiller babies love them a good swaddle. 

We finally got around to pulling out the cloth diapers for Colt. This was the longest any of my babies have been in disposable diapers full time. I don't say that in pride, I say that to let you know just how tired we've been this time around. I was not about to make more work for myself with three little children, but we finally got tired of shelling out money to Amazon.com for boxes of diapers. And so, at exactly five weeks old Colt started sportin' the cloth. He gets to wear our Bum Genius Elementals and Cason is in Bum Genius Flip covers and prefolds.

Doesn't he look just the cutest in his little green diaper? No worries that they wouldn't fit - he fills them out just fine!
Want to see Cannon on his first day in cloth diapers at three weeks and three days old? Me too.

Want to see Cason wearing his cloth diaper for the first time at two weeks old? Yup, me too again.

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