Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Family This Month (November 2013)

November was a month of adjustment for us. Somehow I thought that adding a third child would be just like having two kids, just a little more chaotic. I didn't account for the fact that we'd all have to adjust to a whole new normal. A new normal of brothers learning to play together while mama nurses every two to three hours. A new normal of learning (yet again) to function on much less sleep (for the time being). A new normal of less play time on the floor because there are more little bodies that need caring for. A new normal of so many feet that require shoes, so many diapers that demand changing and so many mouths that seem to eat endlessly. A new normal that feels more hectic while our schedule is someone more empty. We all learning and adjusting to a wonderful new normal as a family of five.

This month we were blessed by so may friends bring us dinners and freezer meals. I have not been burdened by food preparation this month and for that I'm so very grateful. Our days have been full of doctors visits, our very first play date since Colt was born (Lens Baby: Holiday in the Square) and Thanksgiving with the Stiller family at Chris and Mykie's home. We are in the throes of the three year old tantrums/attitude/independence with an imitating 22 month old brother mimicking every wonderful and horrible behavior. I try to continually remind myself that the days are long but the years are short, and one day I will miss this.

And that was November. On to the holiday season! We can't wait for Christmas to come.

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