Sunday, December 22, 2013

Colt at Two Months

Colt Shepherd Stiller,
I am Daniel Justin Stiller.
I am your Daddy.

Your Daddy loves you
Your Daddy is proud of you
Your Daddy thinks you are awesome
Your Daddy wants to listen to you
Your Daddy wants to spend time with you
Your Daddy wants to play with you
Your Daddy loves you enough to discipline you
Your Daddy wants to do what is best for you
Your Daddy is not inconvenienced by you
Your Daddy accepts you
Your Daddy provides financially for you
Your Daddy wants to teach you
Your Daddy wants to know your heart
Your Daddy wants to entrust you with responsibility
Your Daddy wants to encourage you
Your Daddy wants to partner with you
Your Daddy loves seeing you each day
Your Daddy thinks about you every day

Your Daddy has a Daddy in heaven. (God the Father)
Your Daddy wants you to know his heavenly Daddy.

One day your Daddy will tell you his heavenly Daddy's story which tells us the reason why God sent his Son to die on the cross and what it means for us that he rose from the dead.

Your Daddy

PS: I know that this is the same words that I wrote to Cannon and Cason but these words are as true of me and you as they are of Cannon and me and Cason and me.  I look forward to developing my own relationship with you.

Think my boys look alike?

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