Monday, December 02, 2013

Colt Visits Santa at NorthPark Mall

Colt, at seven weeks young, on Santa's knee:
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It's become a little Stiller baby tradition that you get to sit on Santa's lap during your first Christmas season. It just so happens that we've had a new baby three out of the last four Christmases, so it just looks like we sit on his lap every year. ;-) 

We've gone back to our favorite Santa Claus at NorthPark Mall every time, so these photos are particularly fun in that the only thing that changes is the baby on the knee and the dinginess/fluffiness of Santa's cuffs and collars. 

It's become a fun family outing to head out to NorthPark right after nap time and before rush hour traffic to get in line to see Santa.** After all photos have been taken and purchased we then head to the food court for Chick-fil-a followed by a walk around the mall to see the decorations, watch the puppet shows and enjoy the sights and sounds of the holidays in Dallas.

And, so you don't have to click around the blog for the sake of reminiscing, I give you Cason and Cannon's Santa photos as well!

Cason, at 11 months, on Santa's knee. 

Cason was obviously old enough to know we were giving him over to a stranger and was less than impressed, thus resulting in the epic and classic photo of a child on Santa's lap.
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Cannon, at five and a half months, on Santa's knee:
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**If you ever want to go see the NorthPark Santa know that you HAVE to pull a ticket first which will tell you roughly what time you'll be able to get in line to see him. We run out to the mall when it first opens to get our ticket, which means we can usually see Santa any time after 1 pm. Don't just try to show up and expect to see Santa within the hour (or two). It's quite the organized process to see this popular guy!

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