Monday, January 27, 2014

Letters to Colt: The one where you will always fit in my heart

Dear Colt,
Tonight I nursed you to sleep and then I just held you. I marveled at your little nose, your perfect face and your soft snore. I couldn't believe that three short months ago you were inside of me.

My belly, still stretched and squishy, held you just 13 weeks ago. You and I were one. Before I knew you, my body knew the weight of you, the curve of your back, the bump of your bottom and the little jab of your heel. Two hearts beat inside of me and we were one.

Now you're growing, way to fast for this sensitive mama heart, and it's hard to even imagine that you at one time fit inside of me. But I will always remember. I will always treasure the days God grew you in my womb.

I think I will ponder the miracle of those fleeting weeks as you grow, as you go to school for the first time, as you learn to drive a car, as you go away to college . . . at the rehearsal dinner for your wedding. I will cheer you on with each new life event, but quietly and with a few tears I will remember that at one time I cradled your curled up little body in mine. Never again will it be just the two of us, but that's okay. You were meant to go out and change the world. You won't always fit in my arms, but you will always fit in my heart. I love you to the moon and back Baby.

- Mama

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