Thursday, February 06, 2014

Cason at 25 Months

We had Cason's two-year well child visit, so I have accurate measurements and stats. 
Weight: 32 lbs (95%) 
Height: 35 1/2" (70%)

Clothes: He's in ALL 2T clothing now.
PJs: 2T pajamas
Shoes: Size 8

11-12 hours at night (in his big boy bed)
2-3 hours at nap time (in his crib)

Cason is still a great eater and will most anything. 

Cason identified and called out "Chick-fil-a" as we drove by on the way to church.

20 TEETH - all two year molars have at least popped a corner thru.

Gummi Bears are Cason's new favorite thing! He pronounces them "mummy beers."

Cason loves the color "yellow.'' He can usually correctly identify a color AFTER he's guessed that it's "lellow?"

Cason ALWAYS asks me to wipe his feet after I wipe his hands and mouth after eating a meal. I haven't figured out why, other than it seems logical to him to wipe down all appendages while I'm at it.

Cason does not like going to bed alone. He wants "mommy" to sleep with him or rock him and sing. I think this is a little bit just wanting some one-on-one attention after a long day of being the middle child. It's his chance to have some snuggles all by himself. Some nights I have the patience for "more, more, more" songs. Other nights it's two rounds of Jesus Loves Me and a few tears on Cason's part before I collapse on the couch.

Well, just like January, Cason started off February with a snotty nose that turned into an ear ache and pink eye a few days later. We staved off a visit to the doctor with Elderberry syrup, vitamin D & C, echinachea and essential oils. We did end up having a prescription calling in for pink eye though. I'm not one to mess around with that crazy contagious mess.

We celebrated Cason's second birthday on his birthday with cinnamon rolls for breakfast and went to the Watermark indoor play area with the Treadwells.

His party was that weekend with extended family (Papa & Nana, Aunt Mandy, Uncle Joey, Glammy, Uncle Chris and Mykie). We had a little Winter Wonderland Bash with a hot chocolate bar and chili with all the toppings. I made a raspberry chocolate bundt cake for dessert.

We started potty training Cason this month. I'll spare sharing all of his business on the internet, but let's just say he's doing fairly well. He was ready to do this for several months and I was putting it off because I felt like it was too much work with a new baby, but having only one in diapers is nice!

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