Monday, May 26, 2014

An Impromptu Beach Trip for Memorial Day 2014

We woke up one Sunday morning, decided we wanted a trip to the beach and within two hours we were packed and in the car. I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself for my spontaneity (and yes, the trip was even my idea) and for getting us all packed and in the car so quickly. Just goes to show how desperate we were for a little vacation.

I packed all of our easy breakfast and lunch food as well as all the snacks we had on hand. Each person got a few outfit changes and swimsuits. One box of toys for the boys and a few Signing Time dvds went into the car for the drive. I didn't even pack make-up. It was easy peasy and we didn't even fill up the trunk of the van.

I searched for a place to stay on while we drove and within a few hours of being on the rode we had a lovely little condo to park for two nights. 

This trip was a great break for us, and it showed me that my boys are much more flexible than I give them credit for. I think sometimes I get stuck in the rut of being at home because it feels too overwhelming to get three small children out the door. 

I have to say, the eight hour drive to Corpus Christi was so much smoother than I anticipated (the drive home, well that's another story, but driving home is never "fun."). The boys slept fabulously TOGETHER on the queen pull-out bed and Colt slept in the pack n' play in the closet. Let's just say, kids are way more versatile than I think and I am now brave and ready for another family adventure far from Dallas. 

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