Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Morning Beach Play

Monday was our only FULL day at the beach, but we had to make one more stop there before we started the drive back home. Since the boys are up by 7 am no matter what we had the condo packed and were on the beach by 9 am. It was deserted and I loved it! 

See that seaweed? It was intense. You can't tell but at points it went up to my knees, and then you had to jump down a two-foot drop to get into the water. The boys really wanted nothing to do with the seaweed or the water. They were perfectly content playing in the "really big sandbox" as Cason called the beach. 
Apparently you don't have to teach big brothers how to torment their younger siblings. It's a built in feature that comes free-of-charge with older siblings, because some how, even with Danny and I both standing their looking on, Cannon managed to dump an entire bucket of sand on Cason's head before we could stop him. I was very naive in thinking he was just going to fill the hole with that sand in his bucket. Now I know better. 

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