Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Outdoor Artists

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I've been trying to do two things as a mom: get my boys outside every day as much as possible and say "yes" to wonderfully messy activities. 

My boys thrive on the outdoors, from digging in the sand and dirt to running around at the park or even just jumping on the trampoline, everyone has much better attitudes when we've filled our lungs with fresh air. The boys have also taken a liking to art activities recently. They still don't hold their attention very long, but almost daily someone is asking to paint, cut or color.

So, on a pleasant May morning I had what I would consider a brilliant idea: painting outside! (I'm sure I saw it on a blog or on Pinterest.) I didn't mind how much paint was dripping onto the grass and the boys could splash and paint to their little heart's content. Cason even tried out multi-media art with his spray bottle of water. Had we been inside I might have had a mild heart attack watching that wet paint drip all over my floor, but the grass, no problem. Spray and experiment away Cason! 

Here's to more creative adventures in our backyard!

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