Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Series of Melodramatic & Gold-fishy Events

First off, this child has discovered the wonder of playing peekaboo and his take on the game is hilariously cute. He's hiding, in case you didn't catch that. ;-)
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With three children it's harder and harder to pick up my camera during the every day moments of life, but sometimes when I do I capture it helps me stop and appreciate my children's antics instead of getting frustrated by them. 

Let me walk you through this series of melodramatic. Keep in mind that this happens almost daily, usually accompanied by shrill shrieks and desperate screams. 

Cannon is obviously not sharing well enough, according to Cason's standards. So Cason gives me the appropriate level of dejected facial expressions to try to communicate his disapproval. 
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I obviously do not handle things well enough or quick enough, so Cason takes matters into his own hands and does what is logical to every two-year-old. He steals the goldfish. 
Cason then proceeds to expound upon his terms and conditions for sharing the goldfish with Cannon. 
Cannon rebuttals with a monologue worthy of any first-born, type-A personality and lectures Cason on the ground rules of the appropriate placement of the goldfish bag. Cason attempts to wait his turn for Cannon to finish laying down the law.
But alas, Cason does not love Cannon's well-versed rules of sharing and in true melodramatic style gives his most oppressed-second-child look of unfairness.
But fear not! Cason is not totally beaten. Once again, he decides it's just easier to take matters into his own hands, meanwhile it's Cannon's turn to give me his look of incredulity. What is he suppose to do when all reason is lost on Cason's sticky goldfish fingers?
And then it happens. Cason flashes me the grin of all grins that says he knows exactly what he's doing and is more than pleased with himself at working things out to his advantage. 
Cannon once again tries to explain the logic of sharing the goldfish bag and placing it equal distances between them, but Cason is not sold that that is going to assure him his fair share of cheesy treats.
Finally, some sort of agreement is reached upon which Cason relents only under the assumption that one of his hands will never leave the bag of snacks.
Cason then feels quite pleased with himself, as if he invented the concept of sharing in the first place.
And Cannon gives me the knowing look of, "We'll just let Cason think he arranged this whole deal, but between you and me, we all know who the real mastermind was."
And so two brothers lived to see another day. I cannot say so much for a single goldfish.

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