Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Precious, precious nap times

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Some days I live for nap time. Is it nap time yet? 9:50 am. Nope. Okay. I can survive a few more hours.

Is it nap time yet? 10:35 am. Wow. Still not lunch or nap time. How is this day is so long? I didn't realize two boys could fly through 972 activities in 45 minutes. All while completely emptying the bookshelves onto the living room floor. 

What about now? Only 11:02. Okay. Is it too early for lunch? Is it considered an "afternoon nap" if I put them to bed before noon? 

1:00 pm?! FINALLY! It's nap time. Sweep all these boys into bed and then collapse on the floor. Cason needs to go potty. Ok. Retuck the boys back into bed. Fall on to the couch. Cannon needs a drink. Ok. Maybe third time's a charm. I peek in on them before hopping into the shower. 

Aw, they look so cute. So, I spend my precious nap time snapping photos of the very faces I was wanting a break from earlier. Such is my life as a mom.

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