Tuesday, May 29, 2007

BCBS Baseball

Just another tidbit of South Carolina fun. BlueCross BlueShield employees enjoyed free bbq, free t-shirts, free bags, and free baseball last week. We watched the South Carolina Senate beat the South Carolina legislators in a classic, slow-pitch softball game.

Things that made us laugh:

The announcers sat right behind home plate. The mascot was a giant blowfish who waddled around the bases in enormous clown shoes.
Free adult small t-shirts. Danny and I were meant for each other. He knew he wouldn't fit into this shirt, but my fabulous husband wanted one anyways - BECAUSE IT WAS FREE of course!
And, watching grown adults fall down - either trying to swing the bat or attempting to run to first base. Of course we couldn't take a picture of that, but we giggled alot.


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