Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fun in the Arizona Sun

My cousin, Eric, got married a few weeks ago in Arizona, and we had a blast celebrating with my family. Eric and Yoo-Rie were high school sweethearts, going to their prom together when I was only eight years old!

The rehearsal dinner was a Maggiano's and we stuffed ourselves on tomatos and mozzarella, stuffed mushrooms, chicken piccata, salmon,
creamy ravioli, and a decadent chocolate cake.

The banquet room was filled with laughter and incessant talking, as we caught up with counsins, aunts & uncles, and friends we hadn't seen in a while, some since our wedding back in August 2005.

The brother's-in-law entertained themselves. Can you imagine the damage these guys can do when they are both living in the same state? Watch out - they will be wanting to mow your yard, wash your windows, fix your cars, and show off their fabulous handy-man, fix-it-themselves skills.

Saturday, the day of the wedding, was a typical, beautiful Arizona day. Sunny, warm, and bright blue skies!
Driving to the church we couldn't soak in enough of the scenery.

Danny and I both said that we could enjoy living in Arizona. Then we looked at each other and quickly replied, "Then we had better move here, because that's something we actually agree on!"

The three siblings managed to stay out of trouble, although they were the cause of lots of laughter. Left to Right: Mom (Linda), Uncle Rik, and Aunt Sally.

The ceremony was gorgeous. And Yoo-Rie looked absolutely radiant and beautiful.

And Matthew even caught the garter. So, we'll be getting together to celebrate his wedding next.

We, of course, hit up the dance floor and looked like this line dancing. Oh well, I probably enjoy dancing alot more because I don't know what I look like.

Afterwards the boys once again entertained themselves in the pool while the rest of us stayed warm, talking on the deck.

For dinner we met up with Yoo-Rie's family at the Pinnicle Peak Patio. And this is why we love Arizona. Because you eat steak and butter bread at place like this in the middle of the desert.


Ties are banned at this restaurant, and if you happen to walk onto the premises with a tie around your neck it is promtly snipped off by your waiter. Yoo-Rie's dad wore a tie and we all cheered as it was cut off and hung on the ceiling . . . along with all the other ties that have accumulated over the years.

To see all the pictures that make us laugh from the weekend, go to shutterfly.


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