Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today I Love You . . .

A few months ago I started posting little notes around my desk at BlueCross to remind myself why I loved being married to Danny Stiller. I wanted to appreciate the little things he does for me that make our marriage work. I wanted to have visual reminders when things were tough why I loved him and how he loved me. I wanted to save up a bunch of little sticky notes, so one day I could look back on our time in Columbia and smile. And, I wanted to smother his dashboard in love for him to find when he went to work in the morning.

Today was that day, and today I love . . .
  • That Danny brought me tulips. (2/7/07)
  • That Danny dropped everything to be there for me last night after my wreck. (2/8/07)
  • That Danny wants to go to marriage conferences. (2/15/07)
  • That Danny initiates praying together. (2/22/07)
  • That Danny likes to cuddle in bed at night. (3/5/07)
  • That Danny holds me when I cry. (3/12/07)
  • That Danny strives for excellence in his job at City Year. (3/13/07)
  • That Danny is persistent in communicating with me. (3/19/07)
  • That Danny is wise with our money. (3/20/07)
  • That Danny puts such effort into spending quality time with me. (3/21/07)
  • That Danny planned date night. (3/22/07)
  • That Danny treated me to Sonic yesterday. (3/26/07)
  • That Danny seeks to lighten my load by doing dishes & taking out the trash. (3/27/07)
  • That Danny is a disciplined student (& that he's smart). (4/4/07)
  • That Danny takes care of me on the plane & when we travel by holding my stuff & buying me coffee. (4/9/07)
  • That Danny get sup in the middle of the night to adjust the heat, get me a drink or fix the blankets for me. (4/10/07)
  • That Danny communicates openly and honestly with me about his struggles. (4/11/07)
  • That I know Danny will be an involved and amazing dad one day. (4/12/07)
  • That Danny patiently works to help untangle & loosen my spaghetti. (5/8/07)
  • That Danny is such a good communicator, even when I'm not. (5/9/07)
  • That Danny turns back the bed for me at night. (5/14/07)
  • That Danny loves to hold me and cuddle. (5/17/07)
  • That Danny helps me write my cover letters and resume. (5/21/07)
  • That Danny runs/works out with me. (5/22/07)
  • That Danny is the first to hug me after we fight. (5/23/07)
  • That Danny writes "I love you" in canned cheese on crackers to make me smile. (5/23/07)


Anonymous May 31, 2007 4:15 PM  

That is really sweet! The canned cheese thing is have a wonderful husband! and maybe I'm just being a sap or just plain female, but that post brought tears to my eyes.

Miriam June 01, 2007 8:45 AM  

So...does Danny have any available brothers or cousins?! Wow~

Laura, you're stuper lucky.
Danny, you got a few brownie points!

Both, can't wait for you to move back to TEXAS!!

Anonymous September 20, 2007 11:26 AM  

hey, this is veronica. i worked with danny last year at City Year Columbia. Great guy!!!!!!! Lucky!

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