Monday, June 18, 2007

Moving to Texas - Part 1

Life has been flying by lately - hence the lack of exciting posts with interesting pictures.

Our two-year stint here in South Carolina is coming to a close, and many of you have asked what is going on with our move to Texas. So in a two-part post, I'll try to update everyone with what's going on.

Part 1 will be called: "What Life Looks Like for the Stillers Pre-Texas"

Part 2 will be called: "What the Stillers Anticipate Life Looking Like Post-South Carolina"

And, so here's what we've been doing here in Columbia, South Carolina, pre-Texas, pre-moving, pre-all the life changing events that are about to take place.

Danny's Job #1 - City Year

Danny just has one more week of work at City Year Columbia. He just returned from a week-long conference in New Hampshire and will keep very busy this last week with a fun day in Charleston, a banquet, a graduation, and cleaning out his desk.

Danny's Job #2 - Pizza Hut

He has also picked up an evening job delivering pizza for Pizza Hut to save money for moving. This means he works from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. at City Year, runs home to eat the dinner I usually have ready, and then leaves to deliver pizzas from 6 p.m. - midnight. It makes for a very long day and a very exhausted Danny, but we have fun counting the tips and watching our savings grow. He's such a hard worker.

Danny's Job #3 - Myers Window Washing

After Danny is done working for City Year on June 30th, he will begin to work for a small, local window washing business. He has already had several opportunities meet with and work with his new boss, who is a Christian using his window-washing business to mentor and train young men. It'll be a great temporary job, as well as great training if Danny ever wants to start his own window-washing business.

And, so, that's superman Danny's schedule: three jobs and somehow he still finds time to spend with me.

Laura's Job #1 - BlueCross BlueShield

I will be working at BlueCross until July 20th. I will be taking off the week of our move to finish packing.

Laura's Job #2 - Bus Driving

Bus driving ended a few weeks ago for me, so I am a free woman in the afternoons.

Laura's Job #3 - Randomness

I have been earning a little extra income scrapbooking for Joe & Lynn, as well as putting my coupon-cutting skills to the test by cutting our grocery budget in half this month to help save money for the move.

Working part-time I also do strenuous things like read by the pool, clean the apartment, and do laundry. While Danny's delivering pizzas in the evenings I am working out/running and job searching.

Shandon Baptist Church

We continue to teach 9th grade Sunday School, as well as attend our Newlywed Sunday School. I will have the opportunity hanging out with some 10th/11th grade girls on Thursdays this month and next.

Packing Up Our Stuff

Most of the stuff we don't use every day (pictures, books, winter clothes, etc.) have been in boxes since we moved apartments here in Columbia back in January. So, the only things left to pack are the kitchen, the office, and the bedroom - all of which include things we use on a daily basis. So, most things will get thrown into boxes the week that we are moving!

Job Searching

Danny has applied for a part-time job (with benefits and tuition assistance) at UPS in Mesquite.

I am currently applying for jobs in the Dallas metroplex. My goal is to send out one resume/cover letter a day - just to keep me from getting overwhelmed. I have targeted quite a few churches/non-profit organizations/inner-city ministries about positions ranging from special event manger, administrative assistant, case worker, program director, etc. So far nothing has panned out, so if you know of anyone who's hiring - let me know.

Dallas Theological Seminary

Danny has registered for classes for the fall semester. He will be taking a whopping 15 hours!

That's what our life will look like for the last six weeks here in South Carolina.


miriam June 18, 2007 1:38 PM  

Wow, I'm proud of you two being so organized and planning. Can't wait of you two to move back to the big "D." I need to call and update you on everything. Some really good things are happening here so I need to give you a call soon.
Be Blessed!

alisha June 19, 2007 3:22 PM  

yeah for moves back to TX!

I pray yall have good times with your Shandon family & friends & that the move back is safe & quick!

blessings, alisha

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