Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well, the Stiller are moving up in the world of blogging.

I've enjoyed toying around with this whole template thing. The process looked something like this:

1. Laura wanted to copy Sander & Whitney's look, so she tracked down the website where they got their template.

2. Laura wanted a customized picture at the top. She didn't quite know enough html, so she asked the smart techie at BlogCrowds for some help.

3. Blogger moved into the new, beta format and threw everything off. So, Laura had to ask questions again about getting a picture at the top of her blog. She was getting to the guy at Blogcrowd on a first screenname basis, and was probably like, "You AGAIN?!"

4. Laura saw a blog with a rotating header and decided she had to have one. She worked and fiddled and pounded on the keyboard, but nothing would work. So, she scampered right back to Blogcrowds and ask "pretty please" for some more help with html and java.

And, then, do you know what happened. Blogcrowds liked the customizations that Laura had spend so many hours asking questions about, that they decided to feature her blog on their website.

You can go check it out here:


alisha October 12, 2007 9:59 AM  

thats awesome..whoo hoo!

I think i'm gonna copy.

and ps...i can't believe the stillers came to CS and didn't call me...shame on you!

hope you have a great weekend! enjoy the beautiful weather!

Kristin Barnett October 15, 2007 9:53 AM  

How cool are you guys??? I can only aspire to be as great of a blogger as you! We should definitely hook up again for some coffee or something! It's inevitable that we will be left out of the conversation held by the BFF's but I think we can manage on our own! Have a great week, Stillers!

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