Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Voice of Hope Celebrates 25 Years

Voice of Hope celebrated 25 years of ministry this last week at the Belo Mansion. So, 25 years ago, while I was learning to walk in Plano, Kathy Dudley was sharing the Gospel with kids in West Dallas.

It was a night on the town that Danny even donned his suit for. I've only seen him wear a coat and tie at weddings . . . so how we got through the night without one single picture of us is beyond me.

The Belo sits in the heart of downtown Dallas right beneath the skyscraper with the hole at the top. When I was little I wanted to see an airplane fly through that hole. That was Dallas through the eyes of a child.

Danny and I worked the registration table while the rich and famous of Dallas sipped wine, ate $3.25 egg rolls and mingled. There were more forks and knives at our place setting than I've ever used at one meal, but a delicous salad, steak, blueberry chicken, squash/zuchinni, cheesecake and coffee quickly took care of all the utensils.

The celebration included a video about Voice of Hope; a testimony from Genetta, who grew up in West Dallas going to Voice of Hope and now works as our Programs Manager; and a speech from the newly elected mayor, Tom Leppert, who didn't mind throwing in a political plug for the Trinity River/Toll Road.

Genetta's success story was the evening's highlight by far.

The evening was capped off with the complimentary valet service. And for just a second, after Danny handed the valet our ticket, I felt like high society. The dream lasted for two seconds until one valet drove up in a Jaguar and our valet drove up in a rattling blue Jeep. We laughed at our trusty, paid-off car and then drove it home to our little apartment.


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