Monday, November 12, 2007

A Little Brother's Birthday

Last week was my little brother's 22nd birthday. Danny got a surprise night off of work, thanks to being late due to horrible Dallas traffic, and we all celebrated together at my parents' house.
Here's everyone, minus my parents. The back row, from left to right: Laura, Matthew, Mandy. The front row, left to right: Danny, Joey, Phillip.

Here's a fun little flashback to that Matthew is still a kid at heart. Matthew was the king of independence. When you said, "Do you want to drink milk or water?" He said "apple juice." At the skating rink, rather than hold Mom or Dad's hand, he painfully and slowly drug himself around the rink by the railing. And, when you said "Don't touch that flame, it's hot," Matthew did this:

When we asked Matthew if these were his only two friends, both Phillip and Mandy nodded "yes" simultaneously. Poor Matthew. At least he has two loyal friends.

And, just to keep you in suspence, my parents gave Matthew a gift card to drive a Nextel Cup Car for 10 laps at the Texas Motor Speedway. That's 12 student drivers driving 10 laps at 150 mph at the same time.
But no need to fear.
Those 12 drivers will have had a 30 minute orientation beforehand. Well, in that case. I am now completely confident in their driving abilities.
Hopefully we'll get to go watch Matthew drive at 150 mph, and hopefully we'll take lots of pictures of him NOT going to see Jesus in a Nextel Cup Car. Stay tuned.


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