Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dallas Date Night #14 - The Bucket List

It is no surprise that Danny has great ideas for date nights. He is the creative thinker in the relationship.

If our marriage were a hot air balloon, Danny would be the hot air that makes us go places, and I'd be the ropes that tie us to the ground. Sometimes, just sometimes he has to stop blowing and more often than not, I have to just let loose and enjoy the ride. And, every so often, the tension between the two feels like it's going to make us break, but it never does.

So, back to date night. Danny had the brilliant idea to have a "Bucket List" date night. My favorite part: it was two nights long!

One night we watched "The Bucket List." The second night we went to Barnes & Noble, split an iced venti carmel macchiato 60/40 (Danny got 60% before I could say "stop") and made our own bucket list.

We eash spent time brainstorming our own dreams and then shared them with each other. It was hilarious and exciting.

Below is the result. It is split up - but most things we plan on doing together - unless it has something to do with "catching lobsters with my bare hands" (see #2 on Danny's list) or "watching half a day's worth of girl movies" (see #16 on Laura's list).

I've the left the list exactly as we created them that night in Barnes. I've only highlighted the items that we both put on our individual lists before sharing them with each others.

I guess we have double the chance of doing the highlighted things, especially since it might be hard for Danny to have kids (#19) unless I wanted to get pregnant (#21) or adopt/foster kids (#1 & #2)


Danny's List (in no particular order):

  1. Sail a boat from South Carolina to the Florida Keys
  2. Freedive for lobsters and cook them
  3. Go to Cabo San Lucas and fish
  4. Ride a bike in the Netherlands
  5. Go to Paris and the French countryside
  6. Hanglide in Switzerland
  7. Work with orphans in Africa
  8. Surf in Costa Rica
  9. See Niagra Falls
  10. Plant a Church
  11. Write a book
  12. Own a business
  13. Disciple someone
  14. Lead someone to Christ
  15. Brew my own beer
  16. Roast coffee beans
  17. Hike the Appilachian trail
  18. Live in the same city as my best friends
  19. Have kids
  20. Get a Master’s in Theology
  21. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
  22. Go to Europe with Laura for a month
  23. Go to Israel
  24. Drive dirtbikes down the Baja Penninsula
  25. Hike the Grand Canyon
  26. Build a rocking chair
  27. Skydive
  28. Kayak the Wild and Scenic Rivers in USA
  29. Run a marathon
  30. Do a triathalon
  31. Go to spain
  32. Grow Veggies in a garden
  33. Travel the missionary journeys of Paul
  34. Read the Bible in Rome
  35. Go on a cattle drive
  36. Rebuild a Volkswagon Bug
  37. Read a theology book in a seminary in Germany
  38. Visit John Calvin’s house in Switzerland
  39. Write a poem Publish an article
  40. Drink a cup of coffee in a café with Laura
  41. Be friends with a successful church planter
  42. Ride a Harley Davidson

Laura's List (in no particular order):

  1. Adopt a kid
  2. Foster a kid
  3. Take a lighting photography class
  4. Live in a place where I can have my piano
  5. Tour Europe with Danny
  6. Buy
  7. Go to Hawaii
  8. Go crabbing in Maryland with my Dad
  9. Buy a home with a library (bookshelves on all four walls)
  10. Remodel a kitchen with a built in espresso machine
  11. Read the Bible cover to cover
  12. Learn to scuba dive
  13. Live in the inner city and have kids come over after school
  14. Read “Mere Christianity”
  15. Run a marathon
  16. Watch all six hours of Pride and Prejudice
  17. Have an herb garden
  18. Start a side business (blogging, photography, free-lance writing)
  19. Go to Yellowstone and see Old Faithful
  20. Go to California and see the Redwoods
  21. Be pregnant
  22. Skydive
  23. Hike the Grand Canyon
  24. Sit in the audience of the Ellen show
  25. Finish the twin-size quilt I started
  26. Build a fabulous collection of board games
  27. Have a big library of children’s picture books
  28. Own a few pairs of ridiculously expensive, but insanely cute high heals
  29. Go to Maine and watch the sunset off a cliff
  30. Go to Martha’s Vineyard
  31. Snowboard/Flying Saucer in sand dunes with Danny
  32. Get Lasik surgery
  33. See Big Bend/Go to London and ride in a double-decker bus
  34. Travel to Greece
  35. Ride an overnight train
  36. Purchase a large piece of original artwork
  37. Learn to cook/eat healthier

Danny's list is longer . . . I stand by my analogy.


Christine September 24, 2008 6:58 PM  

we have a list like that that we made when we first got married! we actually have done alot of them and we keep adding to it. ours isn't as vast a list as y'alls so maybe we need to go back to the drawing board. September 25, 2008 8:41 AM  

I definitely have all six hours of Pride and Prejudice...including the special "making of" book. If you're interested.

Photography by Miriam September 25, 2008 11:41 AM  

Laura, Great lists! Talk to me about # 3 on your list, I can get you in for free!

Leslie's Sister September 25, 2008 8:56 PM  

Laura- I know where you can buy for 15 bucks a year. Jon does web hosting. Give us a call! Our number is on FB.

Leslie's Sister September 25, 2008 8:56 PM  

oh yeah, this is Angie Stueve..haha

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