Monday, September 26, 2011

More Fine Motor Skills: Pom Pom Edition

After our great success playing with clothes pins and an empty soda bottle, I thought we should try pom poms and an old tupperware. Can you tell we invest tons of money in toys for Cannon? :-)

Success again! He quickly discovered how to push those pom poms into the holes and will sit until they are all in their place inside the container. The first time we did this activity he did it three times in a row.

Cannon would fill up the container and then shake it to try to get them out. I emptied the pom poms onto the floor and replaced the lid. He then patiently poked each pom pom back into place.

Yes, we tried tasting a few but quickly discovered that fuzz is not edible!

And of course we cheer when we get one in the hole!

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