Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Toddler Summer Camp 2012

This summer seven other moms and I have organized a little "Toddler Summer Camp" for our kiddos. Our theme was the Five Senses. We're meeting twice a month for three months and at each meeting two moms are planning and leading all of the activities. It's great because I get to enjoy bringing my child to a planned day of camp five times, but only have to worry about coordinating once. 

The moms have gone above and beyond my initial ideas for the camp and really done a fabulous job of finding books, songs, and creative activities to teach and entertain the children. 

Thanks Gara for the idea, and thank you Ashley, Katie, Amber, Amanda, Alissa, Jaclyn and Bobbi for all of your hard work! It's been a fun summer with our toddlers and I'm looking forward to our final pool day celebration in a few weeks!

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