Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

Every night I throw dirty cloth diapers in the washing machine. Every morning they are washed and waiting for me. It's my morning calm to hang them one by one on the clothes line. You'd think I'd HATE cloth diapers because with two in diapers I do laundry every day. But it's actually the opposite. I  miss my "diaper hanging time" when it's raining or we have an "off" day and they get thrown into the dryer instead. Hanging out the diapers slows me down. I listen to the birds chirp. I enjoy the fresh air. And no one is clawing at my leg or whining in my ear.

Occasionally I have a little helper who counts out clothes pins as he hands them to me. I decided I need to document the blonde hair, the big brown eyes and the long eye lashes before they are running around to fast for me to photograph or they don't want to hand me clothespins any longer.

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