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Our Favorite iPod/iPad Apps (2012)

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We've been gifted a few old ipods and then last year I purchased an ipad for the photography business. Needless to say the boys will never remember a day without Apple devices in our home. I try to find apps that teach something or are free (those are pretty much my two criteria), but have purchased a few apps when we were flying for added entertainment.

I'm always looking for highly recommended apps, so I thought I would share our favorites. If you have any other great ones to suggest, please leave a comment!

Fire Truck (by Good Glue) - $.99
Tap the screen and watch the fire truck leave the station, go on a rescue, put out a fire, etc. Cannon loves watching the fire fighters at work.

Cement Truck (by Good Glue) - $.99
There's not much to these apps except that you tap the screen to watch a cement truck go through it's various tasks in various settings. Cannon LOVES it.

Peekaboo Barn (by Night & Day Studios) - $1.99 or a FREE lite version
There are a few of these. Peekaboo Barn is the only one we've paid for but we've also enjoyed the free, lite versions of Peekaboo Zoo and Peekaboo Ocean. Cannon has liked this app since he was probably a year old. You hear an animal noise and tap the barn to reveal the animal.

Stop & Go! (by Shortstack) - $.99
Cannon plays this over and over and over again until night falls (literally on the game) and it shuts off. You simply tap the vehicle/stoplight/driver to see little scenes unfold.

Toddler's Seek & Find: My Zoo Animals (by Wonderkind) - FREE (additional scenes available for $1.99 purchase)
This is one of our very favorite apps ever. Cannon could do it when he was little because all you do is tap the screen at various points of the scene to see an activity happen, but it still entertains him today. We've also enjoyed Toddler's Seek & Find: At the Circus and Toddler's Seek & Find: My Little Town.

Splish Splash Inn (by Shortstack) - $.99

Amazing Shape Puzzle (by Joy Preschool Game) - FREE ($2.99 to purchase ALL of the puzzles)
This app has ALL kinds of puzzles from animals, to foods, to dinosaurs and Cannon loves clicking and dragging the pieces into place. This might be Cannon's all-time favorite app and is definitely the first one he chooses to play when he gets some iPad time.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox (by THUP Games) - $.99
This app is worth $.99 in my opinion. Everyone recommends it, so I'm sure you've heard of it by now. Cannon gets to practice colors, counting, shapes and letters in the little activities.

PrestoBingo Shapes (but Spur Design) - $.99
This one is a little bit over Cannon's head, but I love the graphics. You're suppose to find all of the "shapes" in a picture (or squares/circles/etc.). Cannon can spot the obvious ones, but has more trouble seeing that the teeth of the animal are also triangles.

I Hear Ewe (by Claireware Software) - FREE
This is another app that's great for even little ones. All you do is tap the picture and hear what sound that animal or vehicle makes. Cannon plays this one forever.

PBS Kids Video (by PBS Kids) - FREE
Since I'm too cheap to purchase the SuperWhy app, this is how Cannon likes to why SuperWhy.

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