Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Belly #3 - Week 15

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Well, here we go again. Third round of the baby bump. It's already bigger this time around. There's no hiding it or sucking it in any more. 

Up until this point I've have had my normal pregnancy symptoms: fatigue, bloating, gassy and nausea. Delightful, I know.  Most days I take a nap with the boys in the afternoon.

So far I've craved everything from beef jerky to Taco Bueno to cheeseburgers. I've had all my normal cravings (chocolate shakes and sushi - I always crave sushi when I'm pregnant - must be a "want what I can't have" kind of thing) but I've also had WAY more diverse and intense cravings this time around. 

We had our first appointment for this baby at the Allen Birth Center this week. It seemed like a torturously long wait since our first appointments for both boys was at an ob/gyn at around nine weeks. We got to hear the heart beat and see the little munchkin on the handheld sonogram machine. He/she was much bigger than I expected and we could see arms, hands and even little fits up by the mouth. 

And so begins the weekly photos that won't end until this little guy/gal turns one year, because after the baby bump comes 52 more weeks of documentation. ;-) 

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