Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby Stiller #3 Q&A

How far along are you? When are you due?
I'm 14 weeks along, due October 20, 2013.

We actually found out at FOUR WEEKS that we were pregnant. I was beyond tired two days in a row and I just KNEW. I just knew in my gut what was going on. This was by far the earliest we've ever found out. Don't you remember the pregnancy test debacle with Cason? And I was scared to get my hopes up with Cannon, so we waited a ridiculous number of weeks before taking a test. This has been our little secret for quite some time. I can't tell you how many times people asked us "Do you want another child?" and I'd just smile and say, "Eventually!" thinking, "If they only knew. . ."

How are you feeling?
I'm feeling about how I usually feel when pregnant: tired and nausea. All the time. I'm almost convinced it's a boy because I feel exactly the same as I did when pregnant with Cannon and Cason.

Of course just as soon as I convinced myself it's a boy, I turn around and think I might just be wrong. My cravings have been wildly different from the boys. With both of them I craved chocolate shakes . . . that was it. This time I've craved nachos, Red Vines, burgers and more burgers, Taco Bueno (ew, who craves Taco Bueno?), ice cream, and more junk. Veggies are not my friend this pregnancy, and while I force them down, they tend to bring on the nausea. I've also had insanely vivid dreams almost every night. I had dreams few and far between with the boys. And finally, my dizzy spells/lightheadedness has been intensely worse every morning. It's so bad that I have to sit down three to four times while trying to fix breakfast because things start closing in and blacking out. Crazy! So, we'll see.

Are you going to find out if it's a boy or a girl?
Actually this time we might wait and be surprised with the gender. Danny's ALWAYS wanted to wait and for some reason this time I might just be able to handle it.

Do you have names picked out? Are you going to share them?
Third time must be a charm for us because I think we "MIGHT" already have a boy name AND a girl name picked out. This is the biggest reason I'm okay waiting to find out the gender. If we can easily agree on two names then we don't have to find out the gender just to negate half of the name options.

Of course we'll share them! I can't keep a secret.

How far apart will Cason and Baby #3 be?
21 short, short months. Cannon will be 3 years 3 months and Cason will be 21 months when this baby comes. I thought I was ready for a little break, a little space in between Cason and the next baby, but God had other, beautiful plans. Yes, I realize how tired we are going to be over the next few years. Yes, I know we're going to have our hands full. Yes, I know college is expensive. Give us five years and once we get everyone potty trained and able to climb into the car themselves, we'll rejoin the real world.

Where are those precious little sonogram pictures?
Sad day. Unlike our pregnancies with Cannon and Cason, we're starting out our care at the Allen Birthing Center. They only do a sonogram at 20 weeks. We did get to see the Littlest One on the handheld sonogram on our very first visit at 11 weeks, but there were no printouts. I'm just remembering the perfect little profile, the little arms and that little hand up by the mouth in my mind forever.

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