Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Belly #3 - Week 19

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I felt the baby move this week! It was a little kick/stretch/roll, definitely more than a flutter! I'm not one to feel my babies super early on (either that or I'm just mistaking them for gas bubbles) so I LOVE it when I finally feel those first little movements.

My skin and first trimester acne is finally starting to clear up. This has lasted way longer than with either of the boys and I've missed that nice "pregnancy glow!"

Danny and I went shopping this week and I got to pick out a few maternity items to get me through the summer. I've been so blessed to be gifted most of my maternity wardrobe, but it's also fun to pick a few pieces that I just love and that make me feel pretty . . . albeit large . . . but pretty.

Cason's Baby Bump (Week 19)
Cannon's Baby Bump (Week 20) - there was no Week 19 picture 

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