Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Hot Chocolate Summer

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Cannon woke up early one Sunday morning. I was craving hot chocolate, so we whipped up some homemade deliciousness on the stove and enjoyed the sunrise on the front porch. He picked out a "big boy" mug and everything. 

It's small moments like these,when I get to spend a little one-on-one time with Cannon, that I realize how fast and fleeting his days were of being an only child. The more children I have and the more complicated parenting gets as my children grow make me appreciate (and sometimes long) for those simple days in our Gaston Avenue apartment when I took hundreds of photos of newborn Cannon laying on a blanket because I had nothing else to do but look at him. 

I remember feeling so overwhelmed and tired and run over by this tiny little baby, and yet, those days were peaceful. I'm sure I'll look back on life with two toddlers and think "what simple days those were" too, but for now, my perspective has only shifted so much. What were once overwhelming days of new motherhood have now become cherished simple moments. 

And so, every so often, on a rare, quiet Sunday morning, Cannon and I sip hot chocolate in the warmth of the summer sun and I try to soak up these simple days. 

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