Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sunflowers 2013

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So, we hit bluebonnets and wildflowers this summer. Vast fields of sunflowers popped up over Allen and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to complete the trifecta and take photos of the boys in a third field of flowers.
I bet you thought he was hiding his face in sheer exhaustion from the photoshoot. Nope, just playing his new game of peekabo!
This next photo may or may not bear evidence that I bribe my children with M&Ms on photoshoots . . . sometimes. ;-)
I then attempted the impossible: taking their photo together. I should have stopped while I was ahead. No amount of M&Ms could elicit simultaneous smiles.
We tried posing . . .
We tried cheering for M&Ms! (Does it make you wonder that I can my children to everything BUT smile at the same time?)
And then Cannon had the gall to put his hand on Cason's leg. 
And then Cason had the guts to put his hand on Cannon's arm.
And then Mommy ate the rest of the M&Ms and called it a night!

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