Monday, July 22, 2013

Lens Baby: A Birthday Celebration

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Our little Lens Baby meetup group turned THREE this summer, so we had a little birthday party to celebrate. We weren't members from the beginning, but it's still hard to believe that we've been photographing my kids with these moms since Cannon was this little!
These are my children . . .
. . . and these are my children on a sugar high madly stuffing cupcakes into their face. (I realize Cason's cut off here. I was really just trying to get a shot of Cannon, but Cason's eating with such gusto I couldn't leave out this picture!)
This child LOVES to swing. You can hear him all the way across the park SCREECHING to swing. And yes, he throws his head back and soaks up the sun all on his own. It's his happy place.

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