Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our Family This Month (August 2013)

What was new in August?

I would have to say that August was the month we kicked things in gear and got the house ready for the new baby. The office was cleared out. Cason moved to a big boy bed. The nursery furniture is ready and waiting for an itty bitty baby. The garage was cleaned out and bags taken to The Salvation Army. And our bedroom now doubles as an office with a nice little armoire for the computer.

I also cleaned out the all the closets in the house and shopped for the boys' fall clothes. The only thing left to do is scan a bunch of photos/documents that are sitting on our bedroom floor before tossing them and get all of our books to fit on the book shelves we currently own. I guess it's safe to say that nesting is in full swing over here. A Baby #3 Bucket List update will be coming in the next few weeks!

This was also the month I became a believer in essential oils. I've used them here and there for little things and tiny ailments, but this month we knocked out the stomach bug fast and furiously with a few blends from Heritage Essential Oils. Cannon came down with a fever and threw up twice. Cason only got a fever for a day (never threw up) and Danny and I avoided the plague entirely. If essential oils and keep my family from being knocked out by the stomach bug then I will use them always and forever.

After measuring several weeks ahead at one of my prenatal visits and worrying myself to death about Baby #3, we went ahead and got another sonogram just to make sure everything was okay in there. The baby looks great (large, but healthy) and my weight gain and belly growth have actually slowed down. We are excited to be in the single digit weekly countdown until we meet this surprise Stiller Baby!

Here's to some cooler temperatures in September and enjoying our last few weeks as a family of four!

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