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A Motherload of Resources - Feeding Baby

I've had several friends email asking for resources on pregnancy, childbirth, what to do with a newborn, breastfeeding, sleeping, and being a mom in general. 

Talk about a novel of an email I could send back. What is there NOT to say on these subjects. The internet abounds with mommy bloggers, parenting websites, and helpful (and not-so-helpful) articles and resources. 

So, I thought I'd pull all of my bookmarked links and helpful hints into one source for you. These are links that I've referenced in my own motherhood journey, read in preparation for a coming baby, and just found helpful overall. 

Again, everyone's different, so these things may or may not float you boat. This is just my opinion, my take on motherhood, and what's worked for us. I hope it's somewhat helpful.

This is part four in the Motherload of Resources series, to read the other parts, check these out:

Baby Food

You finally get breastfeeding/bottle feeding down and it's time to start solids. Talk about overwhelming all over again. With Cannon I read, researched, and scoured books and blogs. With Cason, I just made it a point to feed him real food in forms he could handle (purees, soft finger foods, etc.). Once you get started you realize it not has hard as it seems.

Books I'd recommend:
  • Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron
    This is the bible of all baby food books. If you like information then read this book. It is a little overwhelming and extremely indepth but it will answer any and every question you ever had. I learned alot from this book.
  • Baby-Led Weaning by Gill Rapley
    This was my guide for teaching the boys to feed themselves. Especially with Cason, our second son, I didn't have nearly as much time to make pureed concoctions and this book assured me that my boys could quickly (and did) learn to feed himself regular food.
  • Real Food for Mother & Baby by Nina Planck
    A great resource on feeding your baby real, whole foods, as well as yourself.
  • Top 100 Finger Foods by Annabel Karmel
    I love Annabel Karmel's books. They are all full of fun ideas on foods for kids. This isn't necessarily the best - you could check out any of them an get new ideas for meals.
What to feed the baby:
I'm a big believer in real, whole foods. I want the food going into my child's mouth to have natural ingredients. These websites are a few resources to help you get started feeding your baby great foods.
  • Blender
    I had a Magic Bullet which was the perfect size for baby food, but any blender will work. It doesn't have to be specially designed for making baby food.
  • Ice cube tray
    I bought these Fresh Foods Freezer Trays and have liked them for baby food. Each cube is 2 oz and because they are silicone they are fairly easy to pop out.
  • I'll cover actual cups/plates/utensils/etc in "Baby Stuff"
  • Passionate Homemaking "Baby Feeding Tools"
    A few more recommendations of things that might help you in your baby food journey.
  • Safe Mama "Cheat Sheet: BPA Baby Food Tools"
    A list of everything you could possibly need (AND WAY MORE) to feed a baby.
Recipe Ideas:

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