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A Motherload of Resources - Childbirth

I've had several friends email asking for resources on pregnancy, childbirth, what to do with a newborn, breastfeeding, sleeping, and being a mom in general. 

Talk about a novel of an email I could send back. What is there NOT to say on these subjects. The internet abounds with mommy bloggers, parenting websites, and helpful (and not-so-helpful) articles and resources. 

So, I thought I'd pull all of my bookmarked links and helpful hints into one source for you. These are links that I've referenced in my own motherhood journey, read in preparation for a coming baby, and just found helpful overall. 

Again, everyone's different, so these things may or may not float you boat. This is just my opinion, my take on motherhood, and what's worked for us. I hope it's somewhat helpful.

This is part two in the Motherload of Resources series, to read the other parts, check these out:

Childbirth can be a heated topic between mamas. You have choices (in a non-emergency birth) - choices on where you birth (hospital, birth center, home), choices on how you birth (unmedicated, epidural, c-section) and choices on who assists you (doctor, midwife, doula). There's alot to think about but that's why you have nine months! And, no matter how you give birth you have just joined the ranks of mothers everywhere - that is reason enough to celebrate joyously.

What to pack for the hospital/birth center:
Childbirth Methods:

There are more birthing methods than these, I just happen to be familiar with these and have researched these on my own. I thought I'd share them to give you a starting point.
  • Bradley Method of Childbirth
    This was the method that we chose. I love that it prepared Danny so thoroughly to be a support and a coach to me during labor.
  • Sense to Save's HypnoBabies Review
    This is a blogging friend of mine and I'm sure if you have more questions about HypnoBabies she'd be more than happy to answer your questions. She has had one Bradley birth and one HypnoBabies birth.
  • Dear Baby's Hypnobirthing Review
    Another look at Hypnobirthing, which is slightly different, but similar to HypnoBabies.
  • Lamaze
    This is typically the childbirth class taught in hospitals.
Childbirth Resources:
  • Birthing Naturally's Comfort Measures for Labor
    Different positions and techniques to bring comfort during labor. Danny and I had printouts galore that he referenced when I was in labor. He would suggest different positions when I was getting too uncomfortable.
  • Inner Health Studio Easy Relaxation Techniques
    I used this website for visualization resources. Crazy sounding, I know, but I left no stone unturned when it came to relaxation techniques to use during labor. 
Postpartum Resources:
Encouragement During Labor/Delivery:

Ignorance was bliss when I was expecting Cannon, my firstborn. I thought I could conquer everything, including childbirth. I believed I was built to birth a child.

Towards the end of my pregnancy with Cason, our second son, I was walking around in fear and anxiety. I knew the pain that was coming my way. I found peace, rest and encouragement in scripture verses that I carried around in my pocket. Many of those verses were gleaned from friends and these blog posts.
Mamas, if I could tell you one thing, it's that you can do it. You will be holding a beautiful baby at the end and however you get there (medicated, unmediated, c-section) I pray that both you and your baby are healthy and safe at the end. Childbirth will change you forever. Your first child's birthday is your birth as a mom day. That day will mark your life forever. It will be the hardest, most wonderful thing you will ever do. 

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