Friday, November 22, 2013

Colt at One Month

Sweet Baby Boy,

You are very well loved in this house little guy. Every morning when your big brother Cason wakes up he runs through the house calling, "Baby?" When he finds you he cups both your cheeks with his chubby little hands and squeals. It might be the most precious thing ever.

I think I napped with you on my chest every day since you were born. It's our special time. Your brothers go down for their naps and you and settle in with a tv show on the iPad in bed and drift off to dreamland. I never did this with your brothers, not for this long anyways. I think I realize how quickly you won't fit on my chest any more, or sleep on my chest any more, and so I'm trying to savor each and every day that this lasts. Already your little body weighs heavy on me as I breathe, but I love the weight of you. I love your little head tucked under my chin. I love your little hand holding on to the neck of my shirt. I love your little snores and snorts. I love your little feet when they kick sporadically in your sleep and remind me of your strong kicks when you were inside me. I love everything about you. 

Your eyes are open more and more these days. They are a beautiful steel gray and sometimes I think you're peering straight into my soul. I pray we love you well Little One. I pray we teach you and discipline you well, but most of all I pray you experience grace and love and joy as our son. 

Happy One Month Birthday Baby Colt. I look forward to so many more months and years as your Mommy.

Love you to pieces!


Think my boys look alike?
Cason at One Month
Cannon at One Month

**Look at this precious little sneeze! Have you seen anything cuter?**

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