Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Colt at Three Months


I’m Papa Bill and I have the honor of writing your 3-month birthday letter. It seems like yesterday that Nana and I got the early morning call that you were ready to make your appearance. It was early in the morning and Nana and I rushed to your house to watch your rowdy brothers while you, Mom, and Dad headed to the Allen Birthing Center to take care of business. Only a couple hours later we got another call to bring your brothers to the birthing center to meet you for the first time.

I started the tradition with your brothers of giving Papa nicknames. With Cannon (Boomer) and Cason (Scooter) we were forewarned that they were boys, so nicknames were known before they were born. However with you, we had no such forewarning. So, the Papa nickname had to wait. However soon after you were born and based on your size and weight at birth, I quickly selected “Bruiser”. “Bruiser” only lasted a week or two. After conferring with Mom and Dad we all liked “Gunner”. So, “Gunner” it is.

You’ve been born into an exciting family. With two not-so-much-older brothers you’ve already had to adapt to a busy and energetic household. You’ve had to learn to sleep and stay calm even with a lot of noise and activity. I don’t see this environment changing anytime soon. As you grow up you should be able handle any situation no matter how chaotic. Chaos will feel normal to you. I predict you will make a great Bomb Disposal Expert.

You have wide blue eyes. With all of the activity going on around you, you enjoy sitting or standing, and looking around and taking it all in. You already make eye contact and react to facial expressions by smiling and sticking out your tongue. I enjoy sitting with you and making faces at each other.

With you and your brothers we now have 1/3 of our Little League baseball team. I look forward to playing baseball with you in the front yard. When you’re old enough, your brothers will show you the baseball equipment that we keep behind the front door, ready to use whenever you come for a visit. 


Papa Bill

Think my boys look alike?

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