Saturday, February 22, 2014

Colt at Four Months

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugDear Colt,

If the walls of our home could talk, they would exclaim the joy that was so abundant on the day that you were born, October 22, 2013. Our enthusiasm and happiness to welcome our third grandchild into our world and into our family overflowed our hearts. October 22 will forever be a special day in our family for it is the day of your birth. This day is extra special because it is also the birthday of your great grandfather, my father, Gustav Richard Beimfohr, born on October 22, 1916 as well as the birthday of your great aunt, your father’s aunt, Ann Morse. This is a very special family bond that you share with two wonderful, loving family members.

If the walls of our home could talk, they would tell of all the love that you have added to our home. At four months of age, your eyes look blue, your hair looks blond, and you look very alert and inquisitive. Your ready cute smiles warm Nana’s heart. I can’t help but smile right now as I write this and think of your sweet smiles. Your mother has mastered the art of swaddling a baby with beautiful baby wraps. While the ability to swirl these long wraps to secure a baby eludes my skills, it is a joy to swaddle you with my arms and cuddle you as we rock rhythmically in our rickety rocker. How joyful it is to hold you closely and gently kiss your forehead. The walls of our home would testify that you are greatly loved, little one.

If the walls of our home could talk, they would welcome you into our playroom where your two brothers are eager to show you where their favorite toys are stashed. Someday soon, Cannon will want to show you how to shoot the tiny toy cannons at the army soldiers. I hope we haven’t lost all the tiny cannon balls by then! Misguided cannon balls are often found in mysterious cubbyholes! Cannon will also want to show you all the secret passageways and trap doors in the pyramid. Listen carefully; his vocabulary is expanding quickly to include canopic jars, sarcophagus, vertex, and more. Cason will invite you to color with him on the easel. We update our drawings each season, so in February you would find birthday cakes and candles to celebrate both Nana and Glammy’s birthdays. Also, Cason will offer you a taste of his “cookies” that he bakes in the play oven. Beware; he is just learning to pretend, so he may have already tasted your cookie before handing it to you. Before long you will be joining the boys in the costume closet and dressing as a bunny, dog, fox, or Indian. You may have to arm wrestle Cannon for the blue dog costume that was once Uncle Matthew’s. If you are left-brained dominate, we’ll enjoy playing with old wooden puzzles and building toys. I treasure many happy memories of playing with my children with these same toys, and now I am very blessed to experience this joy once again with my grandchildren. I look forward to many happy times playing together as you grow.

There is no denying that the walls of our home would tell you that Nana loves to read to her children and grandchildren. I still enjoy adding to our book collection, so I look forward to reading and cuddling with you for many years to come. Don’t worry, I won’t run out of reading material, because the library is close to our home. The library is quite modern now, but your mother remembers her childhood days before computers when the card catalog was the search engine. Your mother will faithfully model the love of reading to you for she has been an avid reader since her childhood.

If the walls of our home could talk, they would tell you of God’s faithfulness over our 36 years in this home. They would be a witness that God will always be with you to guide you, to encourage you, strengthen you, and to comfort you through life’s journey. I pray that you will grow to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and I pray for God’s rich blessings on your life, dear Colt.

All my love,


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