Tuesday, June 12, 2007

7th Quarterly Review

Our 7th quarterly review has come and gone and I almost forgot to blog about it. How I could forget I don't know, because it was probably one of our favorite quarterly reviews yet.

We planned on camping in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (where we had been for Mother's Day). Only instead of it being White Biker Week, it was Black Biker Week. You can only imagine the excitement we were in for.

The Jeep only made it to Florence (about an hour away from Columbia) before it started overheating. So, Danny played Mr. Fix-It, and after several stops, trips to the hardware store, and borrowing of tools from some extremely nice South Carolinians, he had fixed the car! The amazing qualities of my husband just grow every day.
We arrived to our campsite late, quickly set up the tent, and were asleep like babies in our sleep bags (Christmas presents from Mom and Dad and Mom again). We awoke the next morning to birds chirping, waves crashing, and trees and a blue sky overhead. It was the best night's sleep ever.

Saturday we had quiet times on the beach, ate breakfast at Denny's with all the bikers, and then set out to find Wheel Fun Rentals because we were renting a tandem bicycle baby! Danny had had his heart set on riding a tandem bicycle since he read this entry on Noel Piper's blog. It's a great parallel between riding a tandem bicycle and being a wife.
I was a little apprehensive about cycling around Myrtle Beach - not just because I was going to have let Danny do all the steering, but because the guy at the rental place said we didn't need reservations. Apparently not many people want to ride tandem bicycles because they aren't too easy to master, and therefore not too fun.
Well, I was determined to have a good attitude. Literally, I had to tell myself that no matter what happened I was going to have a good attitude - even if we spent hours tripping around Myrtle Beach and my shins got wacked nine hundred times by the pedals. We tested our skills on some residential areas and a small park. Gettings started was a trick, as was balancing two bodies on two wheels. But the more I relaxed the more fun we had. And pretty soon we were brave enough to ride the beach. Danny didn't run us off the road once. It was so fun!
Saturday night we walked the beach at sunset looking for an open restaurant. Unfortunately we found none and ended up eating Pizza Hut at 10:00 pm, which made Danny feel sick all night.
Sunday was blissful.
All we did was sit on the beach under an umbrella reading books . . .
ride the waves on our floatings . . .

and walk up and down the shoreline.

And, just to brag on my creative and handyman husband one more time. Myrtle Beach lifeguards wanted to chare $20/day to rent these chairs and umbrella. Crazy right?

Well we would have none of that. So, give Danny a golf umbrella, some pvc pipe, and duct take, and wha-la, we have our own beach umbrella.

Oh, and we took a few fun pictures.

We took tons of fun pictures, and as always, they are at shutterfly.
Quarterly Review History
*1st - 12/16/05 - Raleigh, NC
*2nd - 03/25/06 - Charleston, SC
*3rd - 06/24/06 - Columbia, SC
*4th - 8/27/06 - Boston, MA
*5th - 12/1/06 - Gatlinburg, TN
*6th - 2/09/07 - Charlotte, NC
*7th - 5/26/07 - Myrtle Beach, SC


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