Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Another Tired Day

Today is one of THOSE days.

Sometimes sticking to a schedule wears me out. It's like trying to carry a load of clean laundry with no basket - you're always on the verge of dropping socks, trying to catch them just before they hit the ground. Sometimes a schedule feels exhausting.

But "they" say that children do better on a schedule. Kids supposedly sleep better at night when they've had good, long naps in their crib. I'd like to know who "they" are. Maybe they can come over and keep my kid on a schedule while I take a nap.

Well, I've decided to drop all of the clean laundry. I was just too tired to "hold it all together."

Cannon has slept in my lap, on a blanket on the floor, in bed with me and hardly at all in his crib. We've fed almost on demand at every feeding because I just don't have the energy to distract him when he's hungry and not suppose to eat for another hour.

I've ignored my mile-long to-do list. The dishes have sat in the sink since last night. The bathrooms haven't been cleaned in weeks. Thank yous that should have been sent out a month ago are still sitting unwritten. Photos from a family photo shoot at stuck on my computer just waiting to be edited. Blog posts are rolling around in my head unpublished. Bills did get paid (barely) on time. The trash is overflowing and I'm down to just a few diapers with a stinky diaper pail of cloth needing to go into the washing machine.

I stood in the shower extra long today even though Cannon was crying because I was crying too and the hot water just felt so good.

In my five minutes of quiet I read blogs. I should have been working on a grocery list, but I just couldn't muster the energy. It was so much easier to peruse Google Reader than be productive.

Maybe tomorrow we'll get back on track. Until then we'll be soothing Cannon's tears with extra cuddles and mine with blueberry pie and ice cream for lunch.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cannon - Day 34 (8/11/10)

It was just a cuddly, baby-wearing kinda day:

Cannon Day 34 - 01

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cannon - Day 33 (8/10/10)

Cannon Day 33 - 01

Cannon Day 33 - 02

Cannon Day 33 - 03

Cannon Day 33 - 04

Cannon Day 33 - 05

Cannon Day 33 - 06

Our evenings have slowed WAY down and become much more precious.

Cannon Day 33 - 07

Cannon Day 33 - 08

Cannon Day 33 - 09

Cannon Day 33 - 10

Cannon Day 33 - 11

Dad rocked the Moby wrap for the first time.

Cannon Day 33 - 12

Danny has already demonstrated his Happiest Baby techniques here and here. But he also is Master Shusher.
Cannon Day 33 - 13

Cannon's ambivalent to Danny's use of his inside voice. (In reality, Danny's taking a breath in order to "shush" Cannon - no baby ear drums were harmed in the making of this photo.)

Cannon Day 33 - 14

Cannon - Day 32 (8/9/10)

Mom went a little camera crazy on Day 32.

But really, can you find cuter little bootied feet?

Cannon Day 32 - 01

Cannon Day 32 - 02

Cannon Day 32 - 03

Cannon Day 32 - 04

Cannon tried to tell me to turn off of the camera, but there was just too much going on!

Cannon Day 32 - 05

Cannon studied Greek with Dad.

Cannon Day 32 - 06

Cannon Day 32 - 07

He then studied the reflections in the faucet.

Cannon Day 32 - 08

Cannon Day 32 - 09

And, after much perseverance and practice, he finally got that head off the floor!

Cannon Day 32 - 10

Neck muscles engaged . . . and . . . success!

Cannon Day 32 - 11

Cannon - Day 31 (8/8/10)

Boomer's* Nana and Papa came to visit . . .

Cannon Day 31 - 01

. . . and he greeted them by falling asleep . . .

Cannon Day 31 - 02

. . . solidly asleep.

Cannon Day 31 - 04

Cannon Day 31 - 03

Three generations:

Cannon Day 31 - 05

*Cannon is referred to as "Boomer" when my Dad's around, as that is his chosen nickname for the Littlest Stiller. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cannon - Day 30 (8/7/10)

Cannon Day 30 - 02

On Cannon's one month birthday we went to Arlington to visit Danny's childhood babysitter, Lupe, and her family. 

Cannon - Day 29 (8/6/10)

Cannon Day 29 - 01

Could waking up get any cuter?

Cannon Day 29 - 02

We've started Cannon on a daily reading regimen.

Cannon Day 29 - 03

He's already practicing raising his hand in class.

Cannon Day 29 - 04

He finds flowers and birds completely enthralling.

Cannon Day 29 - 05

During Cannon's sixth week he developed baby acne, but it cleared up quickly.

Cannon Day 29 - 06

Bath time is quiet the expressive experience.

Cannon Day 29 - 07

He's amazed by the sun since we decided to take the foil off the windows so we wouldn't have to live in a cave.

Cannon Day 29 - 08

Cannon's little falling reflex looks terrifying, for both him and me

Cannon Day 29 - 09

Squeaky clean and a little bit drowsy.

Cannon Day 29 - 10

Cannon - Week 7 (8/26/10)

Cannon Week 7 - August 26 2010 FINAL

I am finally starting to catch his elusive smile on camera. Cannon smiles often, but never at the same thing twice and never on command.

He has slept for six-hour stretches several times now, but nothing consistent.

Cannon's Previous Weeks:
*All creative copyright goes to Young House Love.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Really Needed to Have a Baby at a Hospital

Several of ya'll laughed at my over-preparedness in getting ready to have a baby. So, I'l just cut to the chase and say, "Yes, you were right in that I didn't need every single thing in my hospital bag."

What did I really need you ask?

  • Nursing tanks, shorts & yoga pants - that's all I wore for several weeks, not just at the hospital.
  • Lanolin - a new mom's BEST FRIEND!
  • My Brest Friend nursing pillow - no matter how many hospital pillows I'd try to prop up  Cannon would always slip and slide everywhere until my Mom showed up with the My Brest Friend (which, I'll just say was named by a man sitting in some room plotting what he could name that pillow that would make a girl blush the most to say!)
  • Onesies for Cannon - sometimes I just got tired of tugging down his little hospital shirt because shirts never stay in place on babies.
  • My pillow
  • My towel - Kristen was right, hospital towels are miniature, and I was so glad to have my own.
  • Mints - for those middle of the night feedings where I couldn't stand my own middle-of-the-night breath and they also helped keep my droopy eyes open through feedings.
  • Chapstick - I'm addicted to it, what can I say?
  • Snacks - room service food was actually great, but I was hungry ALL the TIME!
  • Depends - yes, I'll say, no one should have to wear that weird mesh hospital underwear, so thank you to all the friends who said to bring Depends.
What do I wish I had packed but didn't?
  • Nursing pads - yes, it was on the list, but the kind lady at the little boutique where I bought my nursing tanks said I wouldn't need nursing pads for several days so there was no need to take them to the hospital. Uh, obviously she (nor I ) knew that lanolin stains your clothing. 
And what about the rest of that stuff on my hospital packing list? It just stayed in our bags and got unpacked and put away when we got home. Who needs Gilmore Girls or card games when you have a new baby to stare at?

Cannon - Day 28 (8/5/10)

You will never guess where Danny said Cannon was dying to go for his four-week birthday. 

Raising Cane's?! Who knew a four-week old would have such a craving for fried chicken fingers and french fries? 

Cannon Day 28 - 01

I'm not so sure Cannon enjoyed and appreciated the meal as much as we did, but we certainly enjoyed his mini-birthday celebration.

Cannon Day 28 - 02

This was also the day that my Mom came over to pick up/drop off our laundry and decided there weren't enough pictures of me on the blog. So, thanks Mom for documenting the fact that Cannon has a mom!

Cannon Day 28 - 03

Finally, Cannon ended the day with a little black and white reading . . . 

Cannon Day 28 - 04

. . . and a little tummy time with Daddy. 

Cannon Day 28 - 05

Cannon Day 28 - 06

Cannon - Day 27 (8/4/10)

Cannon Day 27 - 01

Cannon would like to know why ya'll are just sitting there smiling. He would appreciate it if you would harass his mother since she's just taking pictures of his distress instead of listening to his plight.

Cannon Day 27 - 02

Cannon had bath time with Mommy . . .

Cannon Day 27 - 03

. . . and she decided to have a little fun . . .

Cannon Day 27 - 04

. . .  and if you look very closely you'll see his little faux-hawk.

Cannon Day 27 - 05

Daddy LOVES practicing his newly acquired "Happiest Baby" skills to soothe Cannon. 

Cannon Day 27 - 06

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