Monday, May 19, 2014

Lens Baby: Tents in a Field

Danny and I made the boys a little patchwork tent for Christmas. Danny built and stained the frame and I sewed the cover. All of the fabrics are from Cason's weekly photos. It's fun having a stash of special fabrics in the house to create little projects for the boys, and I love making gifts for the boys.
My friend, Liz, and I hosted a Lens Baby photoshoot. I brought my tent and she brought her neutral tent. There was also a pink tent also made by Liz, but I obviously didn't get nay photos with that one. Liz has a fabulous Etsy shop if you're interested in getting your own tent.
You'd think that I posed Cason like this, but really I did was tell him to put his hands in his pockets. The glasses, the hair and the too-cool-for-school stance, well that's all Cason. 
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